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Periscope is my New Addiction

Hi, my name is John, and I am addicted to Periscope.

Hi John.

So, I made a page on here to collect together the talented musicians I have found on there. My cunning plan is to make everyone else addicted too so that it becomes a new normal.

Check out my list so far.

Saw an article on BusinessInsider for:


That has the click bait headline of:

Apple hid a job listing on its website that you need serious computer skills to find

Yeah. Right. I found an interesting one when I went on my crusade to be able to select all photos on iCloud:

                             *******       *******                     
                           ***                    ***                  
                         **                         **                 
                *****   **                           ***               
             ****   *****                              **              
           **                                           **             
          *                                              *             
         **              **                **            *             
      ****               **        **      **           ******         
    **                   **        **      **                 ****     
  ***                              **                            ***   
  *                                **                              **  
 *                               ****                               *  
 *                                                                  *  
**                                                                  ** 
*                            **         **                           * 
**                            ***********                            * 
 *                                ***                               ** 
  **                                                               **  
   ***                                                            **   
      ****                                                     ****    
         ****                                               ****       
 Happy to see you here! We are hiring the sharpest minds in the
 industry who want to build the most sophisticated and delightful
 applications on the web.
 Check out https://www.icloud.com/jobs/

I didn’t think much of it at the time, but clearly this means I have mad computer skillz!

Annoying Password Rules


Somewhat interesting in hindsight of course.


Rider IDE is released

If you program on the .NET platform and you want to try something other than the goliath incumbent Visual Studio, you have a new option:

Rider 2017.1 – JetBrains .NET IDE hits RTM

Supports F# too! I hope to give it a spin soon and see how it compares to VS for F#.

Well, you would be mistaken if you thought it would be easy to download all of your photos from iCloud. It is easy if you only have 50 photos, or if you are some kind of super twitch gamer who can click the mouse 10000 times in 5 seconds.

Apple, in their infinite wisdom, removed the ability to select all photos. You cannot shift click to select many photos. Boo!

I eventually figured out a solution. It takes a few steps. I posted this on stackexchange as well here:


It would be appreciated if this works for you if you could vote my answer up.

Here’s the details:

I was able to figure out a workaround for this. It will force the underlying structure to select all of the photos on the page and allow you to click the download selected photos button. It will download them all separately as if you had selected all of the photos by hand (but without RSI).

You need to use Chrome dev tools. I am sure you can do it with other browsers, I just haven’t tried. The following steps are involved, and I would appreciate if someone can tell me how to get the “this” value for the object I need in a simpler fashion (steps 4-10).

Here’s the steps:

  1. Make sure chrome dev tools is closed.
  2. Go to photos in iCloud, then All Photos
  3. Right click any photo on the page and select Inspect.
  4. Click Sources tab at the top of dev tools.
  5. Click braces {} at bottom of the sources window to format the code.
  6. Search for case m$408$0.TOGGLE (should be around line 41706)
  7. Set a breakpoint on the line above which is a switch statement.
  8. Click on any photo in the main window.
  9. Go back to dev tools and see the scope window (below source for me).
  10. Right click on “this” variable and choose Store as Global Variable.
  11. Look in the console. Should see something like temp1 which is set to this.
  12. Remove the breakpoint in the source window.
  13. Click the Resume Script Execution button in main window.
  14. Go to the console, and type the following and press enter:
  15. Nothing appears to have changed, but it has underneath.
  16. Now click the download selected items button at the top.
  17. You will now see a bunch of downloads happening.

Saw this headline:

Here’s What 56,785 Homers Look Like On A Map

this is what I saw:

this is what I expected:

at least one of the images is useful. Not sure what you would use the baseball one for though.

Birthday Doodle

I was a little shocked when I went to google recently and saw the following doodle…

…I  immediately wondered which famous person had the same birthday as myself!!

Turns out it was me! Definitely an opportunity for businesses to make a personal connection. Only three did it this year, google, starbucks, and my vision dr.

Some more security links

First one from Troy Hunt again, with advice for sites that provide logins:


Second one from gizmodo, which shows the most secure way to lock your smartphone, and in typical click-bait style, the answer may surprise you:


Although, if you watch enough Mission Impossible or Man from U.N.C.L.E. then the answer is more obvious.