Sometimes things really piss me off. My therapist told me to write them down. “Cathartic it will be.” After firing Dr. Yoda for stupid advice, I decided to make a list here along with resolutions (if I found any).

LinkedIn notifying me of connections birthdays (Solved)

Look, I don’t even know most of the people I am connected to, so why would I care about a % 365.25 == 0 number of days since they appeared on this planet? Spoiler: I don’t. With over 500 connections (the exact number is a secret, but it’s in the billions) I get a freaking notification pretty much every day, causing disappointment when I realize Elon still hasn’t replied.

Well, it turns out you can now squash these notifications forever. You need to go to the LinkedIn webpage. I couldn’t see how to achieve this magic on the iPhone app. Click on the Notifications link at the top of the page, the one with a bell. Then look at the notifications in the list looking for a birthday announcement. Scoot on over to the right side of the box and see that there are 3 dots. These 3 dots are your gateway into ignorant bliss. Click them and turn off notifications “of this type.”

LinkedIn is not Facebook (Solution proposed)

Why oh why do people insist on posting “98% of people fail to answer this one question” with a picture of a bunch of squares? Is this a way to weed out future hires? If so, it is genius. Someone should create a website where you can search for anyone that has responded to these “quizzes.” Any response (correct or not) should be a red flag. Repeated offenses should be an immediate no hire.

Geometry Dash (Unsolved)

There’s a glitch in my version. The music keeps stopping, causing me to die. I keep reinstalling but it happens every time. I have watched other people play this game and it doesn’t have this issue.