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Starbucks Personal Assistant

Going through the Starbucks drive-thru today I realized how nice it is when they remember you and ask if you want your usual drink. I have had this a couple of times but there are a number of baristas at my drive-thru so they don’t all remember me or my drink.

So, what about some facial recognition combined with car recognition? It could even combine the time of day you go and if it sees anyone else in the car with you. What an opportunity to provide an awesome preemptive experience. It would feel like your personal assistant rather than a stranger taking an order.

The system could be personalized on the barista side of things too. It would be like a CRM system. They could put information in such as your name if you give it. It could be considered creepy if all barista’s suddenly know your name when you only told one of them it.

The downside of this system is privacy. Although it could be useful in proving your whereabouts for an alibi. Unless you are some criminal and Starbucks refuses to give you your soy latte until the police arrive. Could also be used when there is an amber alert.